Sasha Bayan presents "enough"

A deeply introspective album that explores love, self-worth, grief, and acceptance.

About the Album

Sasha Bayan's "enough" is an intricate musical narrative, composed of 11 tracks that journey through the complexities of human emotion. Spanning themes from the fragile threads of love to the poignant pains of grief and the gradual acceptance of life's imperfections, this album is a reflective and deeply personal exploration. Crafted over two years, each song is a vignette, capturing moments of introspection, self-doubt, and the epiphanies that come with growth. Bayan's compelling blend of indie rock and ethereal melodies, combined with his introspective lyrics, creates a resonant soundscape that echoes the works of Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird, yet stands distinct in its introspection and honesty. "enough" is a musical odyssey that invites listeners to confront their own questions of self-worth and connection, making it not just a collection of songs, but a journey of emotional discovery.



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